In the spring of 1979, Scott, Guy and Jonathan Orens purchased a three-story, six bedroom residential property across the street from the University of Pennsylvania School of Dentistry. The plan was to create a simple and convenient living environment for the graduate students who were attending the dental school. The property was in need of substantial repair and the three brothers performed a full-scale renovation to accommodate tenants by the end of the summer. Backed only by the support of their parents, some physical help from friends, and a “learn from your mistakes and continue forward” attitude, the property was completed and fully rented for the academic school year. This real estate purchase and renovation in ‘79 was effectively the seed of what is now a full service construction contracting and development company, real estate brokerage and management company servicing over 600 residential and commercial properties throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey.
Scott Orens
Scott graduated from Muhlenberg College with a Bachelor of Science degree. As president of Orens Brothers development and construction companies, Scott is primarily responsible for investigating new developments and acquisitions of typically land or vacated buildings to keep the company growing and evolving. His day to day activities consist of construction management duties for current development projects, oversight of the general contracting division, and creating and cultivating a following of equity partners and investors. Scott is a licensed real estate broker in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. He has been in the construction and development fields since the mid 1970's and has general contracting, master plumbing and master electrician licenses in the City of Philadelphia.

Guy Orens
Guy is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and has been active the in real estate development, marketing and management since the 1980's. He has a Real Estate Broker's license in the state of Pennsylvania. Guy's responsibilities include being the Senior Financial Officer for all business operations, overseeing all monies, collections and accounts payable. He is the primary liaison with accountants, lawyers and insurance companies; additionally responsible for reviewing all documents and records. Guy's dynamic and proactive approach enabled the Orens Brothers, during a significant real estate crisis, to turn around distressed buildings after other management companies had failed. He has been a key factor in building and maintaining a multitude of management contacts and projects. Guy's principal involvement today is in sustaining and expanding Orens Brothers real estate portfolio and developing new management contracts.

Jon Orens
Jon graduated from Ursinus College with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. He originally supervised construction and renovations to various developments; today, with the use of his real estate brokerage licenses in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, he heads the sales and rentals division of Orens Bros. Real Estate, Inc. He is responsible for developing and marketing effective and flexible strategies for both investment and owner-occupied properties. Jon sat on the Board of Directors of the Greater Philadelphia Association of Realtors (for 25 years.) He has received several awards and city council citations for his activity with the Association and currently has a GRI, SRES, CNE and AHWD designation. Since 1995 he has taught entry level real estate courses for aspiring real estate licensees at Temple Real Estate Institute and, as of 2003, mandatory ethics training for the Greater Philadelphia Association of Realtors. He is also a member of the Pennsylvania Association of Realtors Professional Standards Committee that settles disputes and ethical misconduct issues between Realtors and also the general public.

The backbone of the Orens Brothers organization is comprised of a dedicated team of core employees. Our support staff comes from a variety of backgrounds, all bringing their own valuable experience to the company. Our associates are hard working, loyal and brimming with talent, and we pride ourselves in our ability to deliver a quality product and provide excellent service. The attention to detail and commitment to excellence exhibited by our employees set Orens Brothers apart from other companies in the business.

Matt Barrabee

Senior Project Manager

Jeremy Blatstein

Director of Finance and Design

Vince Carr

Lead Foreman

Derek Connolly

Director of Development

Jennifer Dalsey

Accounts Payable / Graphic Design and Content Marketing

Jane Gregory

Sales Associate / Construction Coordinator

Diane Holz

Human Resources Manager / Property Mgmt Administrator

James Mokshefsky

Construction Manager

Briana Orens

Project Manager

Chad Orens

Assistant Project Manager

Anjolic Rios

Accounts Payable Manager / Financial Analyst

Charles Rogers

Front Desk Manager

Brenda Santos

Diamond Green Apartments - Building Manager

Delea Simmons

Rental / Sales Associate / Notary

Teamwork is the key to our success

It is the goal of our Company to achieve the highest effective operating results while maintaining an acceptable level of desirable tenants. Attracting quality prospective tenants and constantly evaluating rental rate/occupancy level relationships are integral aspects of the Property Manager's goals.

The key to our success is a well-organized, comprehensive management operation that is personally supervised. As a result of this we have satisfied tenants, decreased vacancies, and properties that are cared for, commanding higher rents and greater appreciation.

Our accessible and capable staff of leasing and sales agents, property managers, accounting personnel and maintenance employees can easily be contacted. We believe that our policies of professional service and fair and equitable landlord tenant relations will allow for continued success.

As real estate counsel for our clients, and having a responsibility for enhancing the property's revenue, we will:

  • understand and satisfy our clients' real estate and business needs,
  • proactively assist our clients in improving their competitiveness and financial return, and
  • aggressively promote the effective and efficient use of the company's services for the benefit of our clients.

To be the preferred provider of real estate services to our clients by establishing relationships based on our responsiveness, consistency, efficiency and effectiveness.